About Our Company

Dirty Water is the World’s Biggest Health Risk.  Eighty percent of all diseases including cancer, cardiovascular disease and kidney stones result from water (World Health Organization).


For thirty-five years, Aqua Lab & Research has been providing households and businesses with the cleanest water available through a state of the art “purification” system.  Our system not only removes impurities, contaminants, bacteria, viruses, and other unhealthy substances but produces the best tasting drinking water anywhere.  “Ultra-Pure” water is made available through a separate faucet conveniently installed at the sink in your home or office, eliminating the need to purchase and store bottled water.


Call us for a “free” consultation and water test, and we’ll show you immediately what’s in your tap water.  You’ll also receive a “free” gallon of our “Ultra-Pure” water.  We will provide the best purification process for your specific needs.  Once your system is installed, we won’t stop there.  We will continue to monitor and service your system to ensure you receive the purest and best tasting water available.